How to Transform the Look of Just One Room in Your House

For families with small kids, it’s impossible to give your entire house a design overhaul. In order to redesign your house you have to temporarily shut off rooms, which are all vital to your daily routine. Being able to make dinner, put the kids to bed and unwind in the living room are all daily activities that keep your family in the rhythm of normality.

Change the blinds

Whether you have drapes, heavy curtains or plastic blinds, the window-hangings in your room can completely alter the look of your room. For example, swapping out heavy, dusty curtains for slender wooden blinds can suddenly lift the atmosphere of a room – making it feel light and breathable. Blinds also allow you to shift and alter the light that enters the room, while also giving you privacy. If you’re unsure of how to style blinds in the theme of your room, then just check out the latest window blinds trends to help you gain some ideas.

Swap out furniture

If your settee is looking a little beaten-up, or if your dining room table has seen better days, then swapping these out for newer models could significantly change the appearance of the room they’re in. This is particularly the case for larger, statement items of Bellingham living room furniture that immediately catch your eye when you walk into that room at any given time.

Upcycle old wooden furniture

If you’re reluctant to shell-out for a new settee, table or bookshelf, then upcycling it could be a wallet-friendly option. You will need to invest in the tools to do this – such as paint stripper, sandpaper and varnish – however, the cost could be far cheaper than new furniture. Be careful, though, that you don’t take unnecessary shortcuts – you must wipe-down all furniture before you start working on it. Otherwise, you could affect the final appearance of the piece.

Large rugs

If you can’t afford to re-lay a new carpet, or simply don’t want to undergo the arduous process of stripping and re-varnishing a wooden floor, a large rug can transform the look of the room it’s in. Picking a design and color that pulls the room together will look stylish, and avoid any manual work that could cause the room to be out-of-action for a while.

New lighting

Whether you invest in lighting that’s flush with the ceiling or a large feature piece that hangs down in the center of the room, new lighting can completely transform a room in your house. Not only that, but investing in a dimmer switch can subtly change up the feel of a room, just by adjusting the brightness.

Limiting yourself to just one room at a time is a useful way to inspire creativity. When you’re focused to put maximum effort into just a singular room in your house, you have more time to put thought into how best to maximize the space. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, there are still ways of transforming the room entirely.