Make Weight Loss Easy with Muscle Up Meals

In March 2017, I finally decided to get myself back to my normal weight. When I first met my husband and we got married, I weighed 110 pounds. After giving birth to Mary 10 years ago and then going through food allergies, eventually I gained weight. So when I stepped on the scale in March 2017 and saw it say 206, I knew I had to do something. I was ashamed of how I looked and that I couldn't wear the clothes I wanted to anymore.

When I first started my diet, I really enjoyed ordering meals that were delivered to the house. It made it a lot easier to figure out what to eat, especially since I hadn't eaten healthy in years.

Eventually as time went by, I started on the Keto diet until I started having some health problems. Then I started back to just eating healthy.

Currently I am 154 pounds so I have lost of 51 pounds since last year. I am super happy with my results but I am still going! My goal weight is 125 for my height and age. I think that would be a healthy weight for me right now. And I can't believe I only have 29 more pounds to go to get there!

Right now I am gluten free and almost vegan so I was really pleased to find a new meal delivery service that has vegan and keto options. It's really hard to find delivered meals that are keto friendly or even vegan so this would be perfect for starters! is a wonderful meal delivery service that can deliver right to your door if you're in the LA area and they can also ship nationwide. They have delicious options and it makes it a lot easier than counting your portions yourself. Everything comes ready for you without having to weigh the food either.

If you're planning to lose weight this year, make sure to check out Muscle Up Meals.