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It seems like the things that make you use your imagination are fading away now. More and more people are addicted to technology and don't know how to just sit and imagine something without the help of an app. So when I was asked to review Heirloom Audio Productions' newest CD, Wulf the Saxon, I was curious on how it would work for our family.

Our entire family is pretty much technology based. My husband and I both work from home on the computer daily. Mary is a what I call a "techie" child because she owns so much technology and loves every minute of it. She programs video games and can sit for hours making a project on the computer. So for our family to actually sit and listen to something like an audio story, I wasn't sure how it would keep everyone's attention.

Wulf the Saxon

Wulf the Saxon takes you back to the Norman conquest of England. The year is 1065 and Edward the Confessor is King of England. The main character, Wulf, is a young landholder who is devoted to courage and honor. One day Wulf and his friend Harold become shipwrecked in Normandy. Soon they are taken prisoner with their crew by Count Conrad of Ponthieu but they manage to escape and find the Baron de Burg. The Baron de Burg is a kind man who helps them be free of the Count so they can return to England.

Once they return to England, Edward the King of England passes away and appoints Harold to be the new king. But now that he is the new king, he can't marry for love anymore like he had planned. He solemnly decides that he needed to marry to help unify England again. And not only that, once King Harold begins his reign, Duke William of Normandy decides to make war against King Harold and England.

I'm going to be completely honest in saying that we listened to this straight through because it was so enthralling! As a lover of the history, this is a top ranking story!  Wulf the Saxon made you really feel like you were right there during the during the battles. The sound effects and acting were amazing! If you closed your eyes, you could imagine being on the battlefield. I even stopped my work to sit and listen which is huge for me. But for Mary, she actually listened to the whole thing and loved it. And I love that when I would stop to talk for a minute, she would hush me so she could continue listening! 
Heirloom Audio Productions has produced many different audio theater adventures and you can even join their Live the Adventure Club where you can access bonus content like the E-book, Official Soundtrack, Printable Cast Poster and even the Study Guide. 
Inside the Study Guide, you will have quizzes for each track of the CD which are great for homeschool, ways to learn deeper like finding certain places talked about on maps, and even recipes you can try out. The Study Guide is a great addition to the actual CD because it will help you learn and follow along even more.

Overall we were really impressed with Wulf the Saxon and can't wait for their next audio theater performance to come out!

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