Diamonds for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is coming up in two days! Can you believe how time has flown?

In our house, we don't make a big deal about Valentine's Day but at the top of my wishlist is always diamonds. I do love gemstones too but I have always loved diamonds in a gold setting. Gold looks better with my skin tone so I've worn it since I was first married.

Most of the time when we see jewelry when we're all out together, I just pick out what I like. That's how I ended up getting my ten year anniversary ring! But there's nothing better than finding genuine diamonds on sale too!

JewelonFire sells genuine diamond and gemstone jewelry for a fraction of the price at retail stores. Just take a look as some of my favorites here and the price you would have paid at a retail store.

This gorgeous bridal set is a 3/4 carat with white diamonds and 14kt gold. In a retail store the price would have been close to $5,000 but on JewelonFire, it sells for $1398.99! This would be such a wonderful wedding ring without breaking a huge budget.

I also loved this other beautiful bridal set that is 1/4 carat diamond and set in 10kt gold. It's perfect for a small framed woman like me who can't wear huge rings. In a retail store it would cost $439 but on JewelonFire, it is $124.99!

And if their prices weren't low enough, I have a 25% discount for my readers to make the prices even lower! Use code KATHERINEBARTLETT at the checkout!