Early 1930s Style Hanging Tie Collar and Belted Dress

As most of my readers know, I have a passion for clothing that is reminiscent of the 1930's and 1940's. But it's really hard to find true vintage pieces that aren't an XS and also are affordable. So I don't have a problem looking at reproduction style clothing to help me solve those two problems.

Recently I found a gorgeous dress on EShakti that has an early 1930's feel to it. In the early 1930's, a lot of dresses had a hanging tie collar. This didn't really change until the late 1930's. And the 1930's had a lot of dresses with a belt connected to them too. So when I saw this one, I was really impressed with the details they put into it.

The great thing about the hanging tie collar is that you don't have to tie it yourself. It comes connected to the dress. Behind the dress are two clasps and a zipper for closure.

The bodice is also sewn in the typical triangle shape like most 1930's and 1940's dresses too which is flattering on most bodies. The fit also flares past the hips which is typical of most 1930's dresses too.

The matching belt actually has eyelets though which wasn't typical of the 1930's but I actually prefer these. It makes it easier to know the belt won't start slipping if you sit down.

Inside the tag, you can see this is an Eshakti custom dress which means you send them your measurements and they make it just for you. I love this feature of EShakti because I have lost almost 51 pounds since last year so I like sending in my new measurements best. I really don't know what typical size I am anymore since I do most of my shopping online!

If you're looking for some vintage reproduction dresses that you can order in your own size, I would suggest Eshakti.