Why Gaming Helps Me Connect With My Daughter

This post is sponsored by Playful Corp. All opinions are my own.

As far back as I can remember, Mary has been a gamer child. It all started when my husband introduced her to Super Mario Bros on the original NES he had. And that was all it took for her to love video games and using technology. She started using the computer when she was four years old and hasn't stopped since.

Last year, Mary got a gamer computer for a gift so she's able to play games at high speeds. But other than her computer, she also has pretty much every console Nintendo has ever made too. Even the old school ones like SNES and NES. She even has a Sega Genesis and Atari from the way back old days! But these days, she normally just plays her Wii, WiiU or Switch. 

As she's getting older and loving computers and video games more, I've found it's been harder for me to find common ground with her though. I'm not a "techie" person at all and use the computer when I have to. Growing up, I always loved music and the arts but Mary is the complete opposite. She isn't interested in music or plays at all so finding a way to connect with her as she's getting older has been a bit difficult. 

But when I started looking at her games and finding family friendly ones to play, we've actually sat down together to play them! And to my surprise, I actually enjoyed playing video games because I could spend time with my daughter. Even though computers and games aren't my thing, she always begs for me to play video games with her so we can share something together. 

One family friendly game that recently came out is Super Lucky's Tale. When I saw it, I knew Mary would love it because she loves foxes. Currently it's available on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Since Mary has a Windows 10 PC, I downloaded it for her. What I really like is that it's rated E for everyone. Mary isn't allowed to play anything above E10 so this fit perfect. 

The cast of characters are super cute and the graphics are amazing. Once you get used to the gameplay like we had to, it's the perfect game for the whole family to play. 

The current price of Super Lucky's Tale is $29.99 which isn't bad considering it's family oriented. 

If you have a gamer in your family and want a fun way to connect with them, try gaming with them! You might just enjoy yourself like I did!