A Scholarship for Homeschooled High Schoolers

Mary has been homeschooled since Kindergarten and I've never regretted that decision. I love being able to teach her the subjects I find important and also being able to monitor how she learns. We can focus on things she's interested in and I can also work with her on her trouble areas.

I plan on homeschooling Mary all the way through high school but after high school, she wants to go to college. If you're like me and have never had to go down the college road with a child yet, then I would suggest checking out some great scholarships for high school students.

One in particular is through the Groza Learning Center and it gives $1000 towards higher education. To qualify, you must be a high school student who is graduating in 2017 and have been accepted into  a college or university already OR are currently a college student. If your homeschooler is graduating this year and has already been accepted into a college, then they can apply for this one!

To enter is super easy. You fill out the Google form and at the end you will write an essay on how the word "redemption" has played a role in your life. It's a short essay so it will be under 500 words.

I love finding easy scholarships to apply for and this one is perfect for homeschoolers. With higher education, any little bit helps to fund the process.

Groza Learning Center is a tutoring and test prep center in California that wants kids to enjoy learning. I love that philosophy because that's what homeschool parents strive to give their kids too. As homeschool parents, we want to make learning fun so kids want to keep learning, even as they get older. And it's great to see companies want to help kids love learning too. That's why Groza started their scholarship - to help kids who love learning achieve their dreams of higher education.

If you have a homeschooled high schooler that qualifies, then make sure to apply for this one! The winner will be selected in late December and contacted in January 2018 so make sure to start applying soon!