Why Leasing a Car is a Great Option

Growing up I learned a lot about cars from my dad. He wasn't exactly a mechanic but he taught me about different makes and models. Still to this day I can tell you the make and model of pretty much any car on the road. But that's about all I know about them too. I have no idea how to fix a car or even change the spark plugs so when it comes to that, I leave it up to a professional.

My dad wasn't ever one to crawl under the car either. He always would bring it in for service. But growing up my dad always leased his cars. He would swear up and down that it was the best option because they will pay for all the maintenance work on it and if something ever went wrong with it.

I remember when I was about ten years old, my dad leased a Mercury Mystique. It wasn't long after he got it did it start making strange rattling noises in the dashboard. He took it up to be fixed three times and each time the mechanics would take the entire dash off to see where the noise was coming from. Finally after the third time, they declared it a lemon and gave us a new car.

If my dad hadn't have leased the car and bought it instead, he would have been stuck with a lemon that couldn't be fixed. Leasing a car instead of buying one has lots of great options like that.

Another great thing about leasing a car is you have wiggle room in negotiating the price. When you buy a car instead of leasing one, they don't normally have a lot of incentives for you. But with leasing, they might have a package deal or even a rebate. Sometimes they will even throw in benefits like oil change coupons.

It also makes sense to lease a car if you don't plan on driving it for more than 3-4 years. Leases normally run anywhere from 2-4 years so if you will want a new car by then, leasing would be a better option.

Leases are pretty straightforward too. As long as you take good care of the car and stay under your mileage limit in your contract, you're good to go.

If you're interested in learning more about leasing a car, I would check out Yes Lease where they have some very helpful FAQ's