My Second Week Check In with Personal Trainer Food

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Last week I updated everyone on how I started Personal Trainer Food. So for my first update, I lost 2lbs since last week. That's better than what I had been losing on my previous diet so I'm actually impressed with the results so far. Personal Trainer Food is really simple to use too. You eat the breakfast, lunch and dinner they send you. For snacks, you can have one apple a day, some cheese, certain nuts like almonds and leafy greens. You won't feel hungry because there are a lot of healthy options for snacks but you aren't allowed any sweets at all. I think that's probably the hardest part for me because even on my previous diet, I let myself have a small sweet, like a Hershey kiss, when needed. 

Exercise on Personal Trainer Food is simple too. They don't want you to break out into any crazy routines. All they ask is to walk 2,000 steps a day. And as someone who works at home, this I can do. I can honestly say that trying to get 10,000 steps a day when you sit at a desk during the day is really hard. When I was trying to make 10,000 steps everyday a few months back, I would have to get out and walk until I was ready to pass out from exhaustion. With just 2,000, I meet that easily and still feel refreshed.

Even though is was only 2lbs for last week, I still think it is a great way to keep achieving. And last week our family saw someone whom we hadn't seen in over a year. When they saw me, they said I had lost weight and looked great. It was so nice to hear those encouraging words but also that someone who knew me a long time ago could see a difference. 

So now as of today, my current weight is 176.4 which is a total of 29.6lbs lost since March 1st. 

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