Why Trekking Can Be a Breath of Fresh Air

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Ever since I started losing weight back in March, I have loved to do things outdoors. Before, I was always too tired and made excuses about being able to do it. But now I love finding new places and discovering new things.

One thing I do like is trekking because you can discover so much you never saw before! Where our family lives, we have a lot of national land that is preserved. I normally like to go onto the state website to find new places and hiking trails that we've never been on before. A few years back, I found a trail that led to a gorgeous waterfall too!

Trekking can be an amazing way to lose weight but it be an amazing way to clear your mind too. When I first started working out, walking really helped me feel better. Getting outside and being with nature helps take your mind off work and all the technology that surrounds us now.

Even though I live in the United States, there are so many places that you can go trekking all across the world. And one of the popular places right now is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. If you're pretty new to trekking, you can find groups to go with if you want to make a huge trip like that. The easiest way to find trekking groups and companies is to search online, especially on sites like Mojhi. On their site, you can pick your destination and then answer questions like how easy you want your route, how big is your trekking party and when you want to go. It's the ultimate adventure right at your fingertips!

On Mojhi, you can book much more than just Mount Kilimanjaro treks as well. They have adventures in India, Africa and Nepal. And the places they can help you book are some of the most well known treks you've heard of.

Still not sure if you want to go on a trek? Here are some of the health benefits of trekking that just might change your mind.

  • Trekking obviously helps with weight loss since you are getting active outdoors. Climbing, light runs and going around boulders and normal during treks so expect to start getting into shape.
  • You'll be making your heart stronger with the increased oxygen flow and blood pumping through your body.
  • Trekking is normally done away from metro areas so you'll be breathing better too. Air that is away from metro areas is much cleaner and easier to breathe.
  • The small bursts of exercise can help make your bones stronger and muscles more agile.
  • Trekking can help you focus and relax more since you're becoming focused on your challenge.

These are just some of the many benefits that trekking has. And trekking doesn't have to be to a whole new country either. It can simply be right in your own neighborhood. Getting out there and exploring somewhere new in your own town can be a simple pleasure just like trekking in Africa.