Hair Care Tips for Tichel Wearers

Women may wear a tichel for many reasons. These headscarves are a common part of life for those who practice an Orthodox Jewish faith or like me, a Messianic Jewish faith. While you may think that covering your hair every day minimizes your hair care routine, women who have tried it have learned that the opposite is true. Your hair can suffer greatly from being wrapped and covered, which is why you should learn how to keep your hair healthy under your tichel.

First, consider how often you wash your hair.
Most people wash daily, but the process actually damages your hair. Shampoos have abrasive properties that strip the hair of its natural oils. While regular shampoos are intended to clean away other elements on the hair, the overuse of shampoo can make hair dry and brittle. In order to minimize this damage, try not to wash your hair on a daily basis. If you exercise frequently or find that your hair smells bad without frequent washing, change your shampoo to a less abrasive version. Many women find success with shampoos that are free of sodium lauryl sulfate and silicone.

For additional protection, consider buying WEN by Chaz.
The WEN hair care line provides a range of products, all of which are free from irritating sulfates. This ensures no irritation, and it keeps your hair healthy and strong. In particular, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is the ideal choice. Since this is a conditioner-based cleanser, it infuses the hair with additional moisture. This can keep your hair smooth even while you wear your tichel.

You should also be careful not to traumatize your hair.
Tasks that many women do daily out of convenience can actually have a profound impact on hair. Brushing and drying, for example, can cause your hair to break and split. Over time, this damage can build up, leaving your hair broken and limp. If possible, let your hair dry naturally, and do not be aggressive in your styling. Make sure to use a hair styling brush that is gentle on your hair as well. Using rubber bands can be particularly problematic, and never pull your hair too taut. By minimizing this kind of exposure, you can preserve your hair's natural integrity for better consistency and tone.

If your hair is showing signs of damage, look at factors beyond your hair.
Your diet can have a large impact on your hair. Eating healthy has many benefits, but a balanced diet can keep your hair infused with the minerals and nutrients needed for vibrancy. Pay close attention to your intake of protein and iron, which can give your hair the strength it needs. A diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables is also very helpful, and some people find that reducing sugar can have a positive impact.

Also, take care of your wrap.
Your wrap is in direct contact with your hair, which means anything on your wrap will be on your hair as well. Washing your wrap frequently can prevent too much transfer, and you might also want to look at the material itself. Some synthetic fibers may irritate your scalp, which can lead to ongoing problems.

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