Outfits of the Week (15th -22nd November 2016)

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. I love being outside when it's not so hot from the summer. And I love the changing colors. I grew up in New York so I always saw the autumn colors until I moved to Florida which was one thing I missed terribly.


Tichel - Wrapunzel
Dress - RoseGal
Tights - Kmart

In the fall, you can always catch me outside trying to find some beautiful things like leaves and acorns. Or maybe just watching the sunset.


Tichel - Wrapunzel
Dress and Crochet Vest - vintage
Tights - Kmart

I think my favorite color for autumn is red. Not to wear but to see. I love seeing red trees everywhere and I get super excited to get a picture of them as well.


Tichel - Wrapunzel
Cardigan - vintage
Skirt - FashionMia
Tights - Kmart

There's also nothing like being in the mountains either. I love the mountains regardless of the season. And there's something so special about wide open fields too. This reminded me of Sound of Music.


Turban - AliExpress
Dress - LindyBop
Cardigan - AliExpress
Tights - Kmart

But the most special thing about autumn to me is being with my family. My daughter is getting so big and already loves to shop for clothes me with. Maybe I will turn her into a vintage enthusiast like me someday?