The Story of Doodles the Duck #MetOnPetfinder #ad @Petfinder

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Anyone could tell by visiting my site that I have a lot of pets. But did you know that most are adopted? Take for instance, Mr. Whistles. We adopted him when we found him not being treated properly in his previous residence. The day we got to take him home, his previous people threw him in a cardboard box, taped it up and give him to us like that. Who would treat a parrot that way?

Over the years, I've had a lot of pets and I'm no stranger to adopting. I've spent countless hours searching online for animals that need a forever home. One of the sites I have used in my searches is Did you know that on Petfinder you can search for not just cats and dogs but also birds, small animals and even barnyard animals like ducks and chickens?

And speaking of barnyard animals, that's how I adopted my newest baby, Doodles my Pekin duck.

Through the years, I've had two very special Pekin ducks but both were killed in tragic ways. And it wasn't until this past April that I even thought about getting another duck. I guess it's hard to understand, but once you bond with a duck, it's not the same without one. Ducks are very special animals in the fact that they can imprint on you. Imprinting is when you get a duck when it's very young and are constantly around it without other ducks. Eventually that duck will imprint on you and think it's a little human. I know it sounds crazy, but all my other Pekin ducks imprinted on me because of this too.

When we went to adopt Doodles, he was only 2-weeks-old. He was in a bin with about 60 other baby ducks and they had no water, plus their wood shavings were filthy. When I picked him up for the first time, he got so scared that he threw up right on my hands. It broke my heart but we adopted him and took him home.

Doodles became a special duck because he has never lived outside. From the time I adopted him, he has lived in the house with us. When he was little, he bathed in the bathroom sink and lived in a pet stroller that was lined with pet liners. And as he grew older, he started bathing in the tub and he now lives in a playpen in the living room. He has his own set of stuffed animal toys that he plays with and he loves to play with the dogs too! But what really makes him funny is he hates being outside. If I go outside, I have to force him to come and take a walk. And when he's done with his walk, he will go sit back up on the front porch and wait for me to open the front door to let him back in.

Doodles and I have been best friends since I adopted him. I guess he thinks of me as his mother duck because he follows behind me where ever I go. He's one of the best friends I could have ever asked for and it would have never been possible without adopting him.

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