10 Tips on How to Stage a House

We've all been there- the day you decide to sell your house. But selling your house isn't always a piece of cake. Some homes sit on the market for years because they just don't have that appeal that buyers are looking for.

If you're looking to sell your home, the best way to attract new buyers to make sure you stage it first. Staging doesn't have to cost a fortune and over 95% of buyers agents say that home staging has some effect on the buyers opinion of a house.

Here are a few tips on how to stage your house effectively:

  • One of the most important rooms to stage is the Living Room. Start off by re-positioning your furniture to show off the space but make sure it's not too full.
  • In the Master Bedroom, empty your closets completely. Buyers like to see how much storage there is and it's harder when your things are still in it. 
  • Remove items taking up too much floor space. A spacious house sells quicker than a cluttered one.
  • A quick fix in the Kitchen is to update your fixtures like faucets and knobs. This is a cheap fix that can make a kitchen look new.
  • Adding an inexpensive back-splash to your kitchen can give it that wow factor as well.
  • Adding small decorations like candles and flower pots can attract a variety of people.
  • Update your mailbox if it's older or not looking its best.
  • Cut the lawn and plant flowers outside.
  • Pressure wash the house, patio and roof.
  • Make sure your house number is visible and in good condition.
Following this simple tips can help you sell your house in no time.