Boating Memories and Safety Tips

Growing up I lived in Florida for ten years of my life. In all that time, I went on many boat rides in all shapes and sizes. My first fishing trip actually was when I was seven years old and I caught a Sunfish. Believe me, as a kid I was so proud of myself!

Another boating trip I remember was as a second grader when we went on a field trip to an island. We got there by boat and our entire class could fit on it! That trip was very fun and I'll never forget dancing when I got off the boat!

And of course like any other Floridian, my dad and I went on a lot of Everglades Airboat Tours together. For some reason, I loved alligators growing up so seeing them always made my day!

But while boating can be fun, it can also be very dangerous. Boating is a leading cause of injury or death in recreation so here are some safety tips for boating that you should always consider.

  1.  Don't drink and drive a boat
  2. Wear a life vest at all times
  3. Know the rules of navigation on the waterways
  4. Check the weather before you leave
  5. Take a boater safety course
  6. Always keep safety equipment on board
  7. Don't speed
  8. Keep paddles and an anchor on board in case the motor stops working
  9. Always have a way to call for help with you
  10. Keep a weather radio on board
Following these tips can help you have a fun boating experience this summer!