My Dressing Your Truth Transformation

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Last month I shared with all of you that I started a new journey to see just how to dress for the type of person I am. I was provided with the Dressing Your Truth® course and I've been having so much fun trying out the colors I was always attracted to in the first place!

Just as a recap, here was a picture of what I looked like before my transformation:

In the Dressing Your Truth program, you learn the type of person you are out of the 4 basic types. I learned that I was a Type 1 person who is animated and I'm always supposed to look for bright and happy colors. So in the above picture, the brown wasn't doing anything for me and neither was the tan sweater. It didn't show my personality at all.

So want to see my transformation into becoming a bright and animated Type 1 person? Here it is!

Notice how my colors are all bright and happy? I am a flower type person so I am always searching those out for my clothes, plus the dress is modest as a midi. I paired it with a pink tichel and was completely ready to go. Plus it was nice to feel comfortable about myself for once! It was because I knew this was an outfit I really liked and felt good in. And I knew it looked good on me!

Another type of pattern to look for as a Type 1 are dots. So now my closet has lots of polka dots in it! And for jewelry, I learned that Type 1 personalities look the best in gold, no silver. So all my silver has been donated!

Even in this tichel you can see there are circles and points of stars; two patterns to search for. And the colors are perfect for anyone with a Type 1 personality.

Right now I am loving my new wardrobe and my older clothes are being donated. And I had so much fun getting new tichels too that fit me better! If you want to try out the Dressing Your Truth® program, then make sure to sign up here for your course for the special price of $99!