My Start with Dressing Your Truth

I am a Dressing Your Truth Affiliate Blogger. All opinions are my own.

For years, I have been nonchalantly confused about how to pair certain fashions together. As a teenager, I was always told that I looked best in autumn colors. Mostly deeper colors like browns, plums, etc. So for years I embraced that and always shopped for them. And maybe at one point of my life I did look nice in those colors. Possibly it could be because I have auburn hair and any reddish brown hair will look nice with autumn colors. Just like in the above picture, I have always tried to dress in deeper colors.

But now I am married and completely cover my hair everyday. And by doing this, I have made a whole new depth to myself. I'm no longer that red haired girl, but now that Jewish lady. But even though I enjoy covering my hair and I really love that mitzvot, I still have trouble knowing exactly what looks good on me.

I think every woman goes through something like this. After children, our body changes and what used to look good doesn't anymore. I used to be able to wear pretty much anything because I was extremely skinny but now as I'm in my late twenties I am noticing certain things just don't look good anymore. Take for instance the picture below. Even though brown is a pretty color, it just doesn't do anything for me. It honestly drains all the color out of me.

So that is why I have enlisted the help of the Dressing Your Truth® program! If you've never heard of them, Dressing Your Truth® has an Energy Profiling course that helps you learn your energy type. There are 4 different types and each of them will look good in certain clothes, colors, materials, fabrics, etc. Once you know your energy, then you can learn what will look best on you.

I have just started the course and already I have found out that I am a Type 1 person. Type 1 is a bubbly and innocent type that looks best in brighter colors along with circles, stars, florals, etc. What's so funny is that when I first started taking the course, I honestly wasn't sure I would be a Type 1 until it said some of the “shaming” that Type 1 people would have heard in their childhood. Type 1 people usually heard that they needed to grow up and stop acting so silly. I heard this almost everyday. I was always trying to have fun and always acted immature for my age, even as a teenager. As a matter of fact, something else that Type 1 people have often heard is that they look younger than their age. Right now I turn 28 this year but I am always thought of as around 23. I've even been thought of as my daughter's sister, not her mother!

Since starting this course, I have been able to start looking for the colors and types of clothing that looks best on me. Of course, I had to start in my closet and this was a bit scary. When I noticed that I barely had anything that worked for a Type 1 person, I knew I had to go shopping to get some new stuff.

In my next post, I will share my transformation from what I used to dress like to what I will now! I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am!

And remember, if you want to sign up for the FREE energy profiling course, click here!