Chickadee from #WildRepublic + Backyard Bird Nature Study Unit!

It's probably obvious that I have an obsession with birds. I love them all, big or small. Especially since I share my home with a Pekin Duck named Doodles too. 

So when I was asked to check out the new Wild Republic Audubon Birds, I was super excited. I've seen these little gems in various nature places like state parks and I've always enjoyed playing with them. 

What makes them so neat is that not only do they look exactly that the real bird but they also make sounds as well. There is a place to press on their backs that lets them talk just like the real birds. These are perfect for homeschool studies and even just for bird lovers.

The one we received was the Black Capped Chickadee and it is super adorable. Even sitting in a tree outside, from far away it looked real. 

Since we homeschool in our house, I wanted to share a few awesome lessons that you can use with your kids to learn about backyard birds. Using these along with some of the Wild Republic Audubon Birds would be a great unit study for any kid.

Check out these awesome books to read with your kids when you're birdwatching! Perfect for a unit study!

And this is an awesome printable bird nature study for kids to learn about all kinds of birds they see. This is an in depth study on birds for kids and it's awesome! 

It includes:

  • Nature walk counting sheet – mark a tally every time you see one of the birds on the sheet 
  • Feeder frenzy counting – mark a tally when you see a bird at your feeder 
  • Bird scavenger hunt – for younger children, take this scavenger hunt sheet on a nature walk or when watching the feeder 
  • Bird observation sheet – record data and information on a variety of birds. There is a blank one at the end for other species, but sheets are included for 12 varieties: robin, cardinal, goldfinch, wren, pigeon, oriole, hummingbird, woodpecker, nuthatch, blue jay, Eastern blue bird, and mockingbird 
  • Label the parts of a bird 
  • Story writing prompt – write a short story using four of the words provided Poem and coloring page based on a Mother Goose rhyme