How to #AvoidtheOops with Duck Diapers @Walmart @SheSpeaksUp

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It's really no secret that I have a house duck. Not many people do or would even want one since for the rest of their life you will have to change their diaper. But I honestly don't mind because the love I get back from my duck is more than enough to cover a few diaper changes. 

The first duck I ever had was Aflac. And in the beginning of last year, she passed away very suddenly. After her I grieved so badly that I knew I needed another duck. It really wasn't the same without a big white duck running around the house. So last March we ended up getting Barney. But during the summer, while Barney was outside, a fox got him and we never saw him again.

After that, I didn't think I could ever have another duck. But then this year in April I found a new friend named Doodles.

Doodles lives in the  house full time so that means full time diaper duty. For his diaper, he has a little harness that we slip on him and then inside we put something disposable to catch all his little deposits. For that I use Always Bladder Protection pads. They work great on holding leaks and for extra protection overnight, I use two pads.

Of course with a diaper harness, eventually it will need to be washed in the washer too. And for that, I use Tide Free and Clear. It's best to use Free and Clear with animals since it lessens the chance of it irritating their skin.

By using these two products, I end up with a very happy and clean duck. Did I also mention spoiled? Just check out this video I made of Doodles and how he knows how to come back to the front door to come inside.

These two products are ones I can stock up on easily at to avoid an oops. Because let's face it, no one wants duck poop in their house! Plus there's a lot more than just diapers and laundry detergent to buy at too. P&G essentials come in all shapes and sizes like dish washing liquid, toothpaste and toilet paper too.

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