The 2016 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring

Last week our family was given a 2016 Mazda CX-5 to ride in for a week. Of course during the week it rained like crazy and our side of town lost power for a while, thus all the raindrops in the picture. But even though the weather wasn't great, we enjoyed our time riding in the CX-5 so much. It was an amazing car and the price was perfect too for anyone on a budget.

The CX-5 we received was fully loaded and had a total MSRP price of $32,610 but it did include optional equipment. But even with that price, the car was perfect and a great size for a small family. The CX-5 seats 5 and had a lot of features we thought were well thought of.

Some of our favorite features were the rain sensing wipes because during a bad rain storm, it's not good to take your hands off the wheel. I also loved the heated power mirrors with turn lamps too. Even though we didn't need to use this, it's perfect for winter.

It also had heated front seats, blind spot monitoring and my personal favorite, an anti- theft engine immobilizer. It will be super hard to steal this car!

The inside was spacious and comfortable as well. We all had plenty of room and loved all the features. The moonroof was especially nice to have especially since that is a piece of the standard equipment and the headlights were perfect for dark back roads. On my street, we don't have street lights and even without the brights I could see perfectly. Take my word for it, the headlights are really bright.

Overall we loved the CX-5 and think it's perfect for small families on the go!