How Dryel Saves Me Time to Wear My Favorite Tichels

I am a Dryel Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Last month I introduced everyone to my new love for doing laundry which is Dryel. Just in case you missed it, here's a quick refresher. Dryel is an at home dry cleaner that lets you make your clothes look amazing right in your own house. And that means that you don't need to have pricey dry cleaning bills anymore. And it's super to use too. 

So what did I want to talk about this month? Mostly how I get my tichels to look so great with very little effort. If you're like me, you don't have time to run to the dry cleaners. I barely have time to get to the grocery store. So making a stop to drop clothes off isn't happening anytime soon. But if you're wanting an amazing looking outfit  or even a piece of clothing, like a tichel for something special, it will only take about 30 minutes right in your own house!

All you need to do is pick up Dryel at your local Walmart. Inside the kit there is a bag, a spray and cloths. First spray your clothes with the spray which is a booster spray. Then put your outfit or item, like a tichel, into the bag along with one cloth and close it up. Lastly set your dryer on 30 minutes for a medium high heat. And while you're waiting for your 30 minutes to be up, you can do anything else you want! Maybe make an elegant date night dinner?

Then after 30 minutes, take your outfit or item of clothing out of the bag and hang it up to let the wrinkles fall out. Then you'll have something like this:

A perfectly wrinkle free tichel thanks to Dryel! I ended up wearing this tichel on a family day out and I got lots of compliments. And it was never so easy to make it look dry cleaner fresh right at home!