Relaxing Me Time with #KoboGloHD #ReadMore #ReadAnywhere

I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Kobo and I received Compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Ever since I was Mary's age, I have always loved reading. It's magical to open a book and read it, especially when it takes you to a far off land. But even more magical about reading a book and is holding one and smelling it. Plus I love the feel of pages under my fingers. I'm sure I'm not the only person like that so when I was asked to use the Kobo Glo HD for a week instead of books, I was a little unsure. I really do love the feel of books so it took a lot for me to replace my books with it. 

When it came, it was very easy to setup. All I needed was my Wifi connection and then I could login to the Kobo store. Then I picked the books I wanted and they were ready on my device. Since I'm a classics person, I loaded the book with about 8 classics for Mary and myself. 

The Kobo store also has kid's books as well but the Kobo Gl HD isn't in color so if you're looking for a picture book, it will be in black and white. I was a bit disappointed in that myself since I planned to let Mary use it for homeschool learning on the go. But without color, it's a bit hard to decipher the kid's books.

So instead of focusing only on kid's books that have pictures, I have decided to use the Kobo Glo HD as a traveling book report for Mary. Right now I have Alice's Adventures in Wonderland on there for her and she can use it while we're in the car going to field trips. Since the battery can last up to an entire month on one charge, I don't have to worry about remembering my charger when we're on the go. 

Another fun feature the Kobo Glo HD has is that when you turn it off, it will leave up what book you left off on reading and how much more you have to go. The above picture is when the device was completely powered off so I was fascinated with that.

There are a lot of positive things about the Kobo Glo HD, especially since you can store up to 3,000 books in your library on it. So you won't have to lug around a bunch of heavy books anymore. And you can be reading multiple books at the same time on it too. So if the kids are reading something, the next time you get it you can go to your book in the library too. You can also download the Kobo app as well and read anywhere from any device too so that's another plus.

Some of the negative things I discovered included that it's not in color so that's a drawback for me. I love color and the picture of a book on the cover usually draws me in. I also wish they had more choices for children in their library for nonfiction learning books. This would compliment homeschooling field trips so great if they had some nonfiction books to learn about subjects as well.

Overall I was impressed with the Kobo Glo HD and I plan to continue using it for Mary's book reports.

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