Giving the Gift of Sight #EyeGiveBack #ad

Did you know one in four children has an undiagnosed vision problem? Right now when you purchase individual vision insurance from VSP Direct™ as a gift, a child in need receives a free eye exam and glasses. That means when you give the Gift of Sight from VSP, you give twice. Find out more at Thanks to VSP for sponsoring this post.

Mary has always been my pride and joy ever since the day she was born. I've always said that I want to do everything I can for her and give her the things I never had. I think most parents go through that when they have children. 

For me, growing up my eyes were very important. I started wearing glasses when I was Mary's age because I couldn't see the board in school anymore. At first I didn't really know what was going on other than my eyes were blurry when I looked at something far away. But when I had to start sitting in the back of the class and I couldn't see what was going on, my parents took me to the eye doctor. Ever since that day, I've worn glasses.

Since I started needing glasses at such an early age, I decided it was time to take Mary to the eye doctor to make sure she was seeing correctly. But I had never thought of vision insurance for her so she didn't have any. And that's why I gifted her with VSP individual vision insurance.

At first she was a little scared to see what goes on at an eye doctor but after I reassured her that I go every year and I'm still alive, she wasn't too scared anymore!

Of course me being a paranoid mom, I was making sure all her answers during the exam were correct which they were. And the doctor was very nice and explained everything to us as well. She even had a colorblind test which she passed. Did you know more girls are colorblind than boys?

Part of the exam was when they put a strong beam of light into Mary's eyes to see the back of them. After that she said the entire room looked pink! But her eyes were very healthy which was great.

Right now if you give the gift of sight to someone you love, you give twice. When you purchase a vision insurance plan as a gift through December 31, 2015*, VSP will donate an eye exam and glasses to a child in need, up to a total retail value of over $115,000. How amazing is that? I remember when I was a kid I used to donate my old glasses in a box that was in my eye doctor's office. I love giving back and that is a wonderful way to do it. Your eyes are so important and we have to make sure to take care of them.

If you're thinking about getting vision insurance, I urge you to try out VSP, especially with their give back campaign currently going on. Also make sure to check out VSP's video on this campaign as well.