Family Time with Aunt Wendy

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It's funny when you see a family member for the first time in many years. Last week I was able to see my husband's cousin and aunt for the first time in many years. Almost 10 in fact. And although things have changed since the last time we were all together, it was wonderful to see them all again. So for an entire week, we were able to hang out together and just enjoy each other's company. And Mary was thrilled because she met family she had never seen before.

Aunt Wendy was equally thrilled since she got to also meet Mary but also she had been dying to see Barney. I mean, who wouldn't want to meet a diapered house duck? So, armed with his feathers and diaper, he introduced himself to Wendy to find himself getting a big kiss.

After playing with Barney for a little bit, he was ready to go back outside and have some private duck time in his playpen. What kind of things he does in his private duck time, I don't know!

Then we went to watch Mary play in her new FabKids outfit for the month. I really loved this one since it's got short sleeves that are perfect for early summer.

Overall it was an amazing week and I hope to bring Aunt Wendy up again in about a month!