Let Kids Watch Videos Safely On @Magicflix #sponsored #Magicflix

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Ever since Mary was little, she has always loved watching videos on her computer. And of course she already knows what YouTube is so that's what she used to search on. That is until one day I was watching her and even though she was looking for kid videos, the searches came up with inappropriate video choices. Ever since then she hasn't been allowed to search for herself anymore. But it gets hard looking for videos every time she wants to watch one. So on her tablet, we've downloaded MagicFlix, 

Magicflix delivers worry-free parenting and delighted kids. It is a curated video service for kids, 12 years and younger, created by moms for moms who are concerned about safety and learning for their children as they watch videos. I absolutely love the idea behind this because not only can kids look for their own videos, but they are safe.

Magicflix features the safest and best in edutainment content around the world. With partners from around the world, Magicflix video categories include Animals, Spanish, Math, Science, Music and many more. Plus they actually have a feature where kids can put the link to a video they like from YouTube onto MagicFlix so they can watch it safely!

Magicflix curates videos from around the world to be safe, age-appropriate, and positive - no more mindless entertainment! Magicflix apps are immersive and designed exclusively for kids. With videos across Science, Math, Animals and many more, parents and kids love Magicflix.

So far Mary has had a blast with MagicFlix and I know she'll be using the app much more often now that we can add her YouTube videos in.

Currently MagicFlix is available to download on iPad & iPhone for free. It's also preloaded on more than half a million kids tablets including Kurio and ClickNKids.