Get Your Seat Faster @Outback with New Click Thru Seating #Outbackbestmates

I am an Outback Best Mate. All opinions are my own.

Last month I shared about how I am an Outback Best Mate and how our family has been able to check out some of the amazing deals and specials at Outback lately. Recently we just checked out their new Click Thru Seating which is a must to do!

Guests can now visit to view the current wait time at their local Outback, and put their name on the wait list to be seated now or later. That way when they arrive, their table will be all ready!

Since our Outback is always packed out, we decided to try it out and it was genius! We put our names on the list and by the time we actually got to Outback and parked the car, our table was ready. So much better than sitting in the waiting area for 25 minutes! That was just our commute!

And faster seating meant getting some yummy appetizers to Mary a lot quicker! So that makes me give it two thumbs up for working in our favor!

With the busy holiday season just around the corner, Click Thru Seating is poised to help guests manage their valuable time. An Outback survey unveiled that on average, Americans wish there were 4 additional hours per day during the holiday season– so by using Click Thru Seating, guests can spend less time waiting and more time checking off those to-do’s. And with the holidays coming up fast, that's just what everyone needs too!