Getting Ready to Order Our Book #WeevaStoryteller

I am a Weeva Storyteller Ambassador . All opinions are my own.

For the past few months I've been introducing Weeva and how we're making a beautiful keepsake book based on events in Mary's life from this year. We have so many pictures all over our computer and also in photobucket accounts so in the later part of this month, I'll be finishing up our entire book. 

Most of our book are memories of Mary doing new things like above was when she went to a corn maze and had a funnel cake for the first time. I love remembering fun things we've done as a family so our Weeva book will be wonderful.

With Weeva, you work together with family and friends to collect your favorite stories in an online Tapestry; Once collected, you can print your stories in an art-quality book for yourself or someone else. And the best part is using the tools on Weeva is very easy. It's very user friendly and pretty much anyone can use it!

During this past year we've taken a lot of trips and done a lot of fun things so I can't wait to see out final book! It will be a fun family day to sit down and check it all out together.

Weeva makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves to remember special memories!