Preparing for Our Hanukkah

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Maybe it's just because it's my favorite holiday, but I start getting ready for Hanukkah months in advance. There is just such an air of enjoyment about it that I can't help but start shopping and getting ready before most people. And one thing I love to do first is get all my presents ready. I'm one of those crazy people who has everything set and ready a month before a holiday but that's just how I work!

Of course I love writing Hanukkah cards and this year I got some gorgeous ones from Hallmark. They even have Hebrew writing in the middle which made me smile! So armed with a pen and my pack of stamps, I started writing out cards this week.

Other than cards, I like to make homemade presents too. Nothing says I care for you more than a homemade present. And one that I'm actually making this year is a homemade Hanukkah blanket for Mary. Now that makes this blanket so special is that I'm sewing and making the whole thing by hand. No sewing machine at all since I sew completely by hand.

If you would like to make a simple homemade Hanukkah blanket, here's what you need and how to make it:

Hanukkah fabric 60" x 60"
Chenille material 65" x 65"

Start off by making sure your two pieces of fabric are the size from above. Now take the chenille fabric and lay it soft side down on the floor. Place the Hanukkah fabric on top (pattern facing up), completely centered. Once done, start folding the chenille material over onto the Hanukkah fabric and start pinning down. Once you have the entire blanket pinned down, start sewing. Of course if you're doing this by hand, this will take you a big longer. Once you're done sewing the bottom chenille fabric to the Hanukkah fabric, make sure to take all your pins out and you're done!

Do you like getting or giving homemade gifts for the holidays?