Always Keep in Contact with Life360

Up until a few weeks ago, our family has always had one car. We never felt the need to have another one since my husband and I both work from home and our daughter is homeschooled. Because of that, when we go out somewhere, we all go together.

But a few weeks back, we decided to actually get a second car. And now sometimes we end up having to go places separately if some of us have multiple chores during the day. Something we really didn't like about that was we couldn't check in with each other easily, especially since I never text or make calls in the car. So how could we know everyone got to their place safely without bugging each other like crazy?

The solution was simple, we all downloaded Life360! With Life360, simply open the app and add people to circles. You also have the ability to add separate circles which allows you to organize your family members based on who you're with at any given time, and they can be short-term, like just while you're traveling together. After you finish that, you instantly see everyone in your private circle on the map. Users can also message the whole group at once or on a 1:1 basis.

I really liked using Life360 because it helps me have peace of mind without making me feel like I'm driving everyone nuts. Since you can check-in with someone instantly and also help locate a family member, it's way easier than calling to keep checking in.

Another awesome feature is that you can get alerts when your family comes and goes. So if they leave the house, you know when they did and when they get to their destination safely. I love this so much since I worry when anyone leaves the house without me!

Overall if you want an easier way to keep tabs on your family and loved ones, I highly suggest downloading Life360. Currently it's available on iOS, Windows and Android.