Zoomer Zuppies Will Brighten Any Day #ZoomerZuppies

This post was sponsored by Zoomer Zuppies and I was compensated to write it. Regardless, what I have written is my own opinion and experience, and I hope you find it of use.

In our house, when Mary gets sick, we always go out and buy her some new toys. I think it's mostly because we feel terrible that she's sick and want her to feel better. And if it takes giving her a new toy to get a smile on her face, then that's what we'll do. 

This past week Mary has been in the house all week, coughing terribly. And a recent trip to the doctor showed that she has bronchitis so after getting 6 medicines for her at the pharmacy, we took her home to rest. I think all parents hate when their kids are sick so I sent my husband back out to Walmart to get her something special. And that something special had to do with dogs since Mary loves dogs to no end. 

When my husband came back, he had in his hands a new Zoomer Zuppy for Mary to play with. And of course she was thrilled!

Zoomer Zuppies are the smaller version of Zoomer which is a robot dog that can do all kinds of tricks. And now Zoomer has Zuppies of his own! Mary's Zuppy is Candy and she loves to play and do all kinds of tricks. Zoomer Zuppies have sensors in them that recognize where you're touching them and also show their moods. So far Candy has showed happiness, sadness, anger and being excited!

Plus you can play games with your Zuppy like Higher and Lower. We actually played this in the doctor's office today and it's Mary's favorite. And Zuppies can also play music too so if you ever get bored, you can listen to their tunes!

So although Mary is sick, she's feeling better now that she has a new friend. Zoomer Zuppies are available at Walmart for a great price right now so make sure to get one soon!