All Coughs Are NOT The Same @Pediacare

This is a sponsored conversation. All opinions are my own.

When my husband and I first had Mary, there was a lot we had to learn together. And one of those things was all about when kids get sick. Both my husband and I came from totally different worlds so that really made it harder too. When I was a kid I went to the doctor for everything. When my husband was a kid, he didn't even have a pediatrician. His philosophy is that everything will get better in time. Since he never went to the doctor, he didn't think Mary needed to either. And then since I went to the doctor almost every month, I wanted her to go for almost anything. 

Still to this day my husband doesn't think everything needs medical care, but I would rather be safe than sorry. So when Mary started having a sore throat, a runny and stuffy nose, a fever and a bad cough the other day, I knew it was time to take her in. By the time we made it in, all she had was a high fever and a bad cough. 

Now most people would think that a cough is a cough. That it's nothing really to go to the doctor for, but that's so wrong. My husband thought Mary just had a cold but after coming back with six prescriptions for her, he realized he was wrong. She ended up having bronchitis.

Other than her prescriptions, she needed something for her high fever but I needed to make sure it was going to taste good. Her last pain medicine, according to her, tasted like armpits! So we decided to try Pediacare's Smooth Melts which feature a cherry taste. The smooth melts are chewable so there's no need for a dosing cup which a plus for me and Mary both!

We've also been keeping her very comfortable with a place on the couch next to the television so she can watch her shows, a humidifier to keep her breathing easier and lots of liquids to keep her hydrated.

Although Mary's still sick, she's finally starting to feel a bit better. And I have faith that she'll be back to herself in no time.