You Protect Your House, Why Not Your Computer Too? @NortonOnline @symantec

Most people know that I have a duck named Aflac that wears a diaper and lives in the house. She's a pretty spoiled duck and if you open the door, she comes right into the house on her own from outside. But there's something that most people don't know. Aflac is actually my watchduck.

Yes, Aflac is really the watchduck. Although I do have a dog, he is tiny and doesn't do much other than run at the sign of trouble. But Aflac is a different story. She even starts honking super loud when she hears a car door in my driveway! And she's also been known to chase people when they get too close to the yard. And I don't think many people want to be chased by a big white duck.

So even though I have other ways of protecting my house, Aflac decided to be one of them too. But I don't just stop at protecting my home. I also protect my computer too.

My computer is how I work so I am very adamant about protecting it. I personally use the Norton 360 Multi-Device because it can not only protect your computer, but also your cell phone, tablet, etc. And that's perfect for me since I'm always on the go. And it's not only perfect for me, but also for high school and college students as well. Plus you can find some awesome Norton by Symantec coupons online as well to help cut down the cost.

So the next time you're looking to protect your computer, make sure to check out Norton 360 Multi-Device. And for anyone who decides to walk on my lawn again, just remember, Aflac is watching you.