Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gorgeous Wedding Dress Trends

I can still remember the day I got married. It was a really special day for me, but especially because I felt like a princess in my wedding dress. My wedding dress was made of beautiful white lace and it had a silk train behind it. And on my head I wore a tiara. It was the outfit I always dreamed of wearing.

I think every woman dreams of her wedding day and what she will wear. So if you're getting married soon, here are some gorgeous wedding dress trends that are big right now!

A-line wedding dresses are the most popular because they display tradition, class and sophistication for the bride. This was actually the type of wedding dress I wore at my wedding! They usually come with a simple design soaked in immaculate white hue to keep the wedding theme conventional. The waist area of the dress is tailored a bit higher to trick the eyes that the wearer has a slender body figure. An A-line wedding dress is a great dress for most body types.

Another fun type of wedding dress is a halter dress. The one pictured above is very elegant and is actually more of an eggshell white. Plus it reminds me of the roaring 20's. If you're thinking of a halter wedding dress, it's best to try a few on before making the decision on which since halter's are more revealing than the A-line. Halter dresses work best for many different body types too.

For a more daring and far from traditional wedding dress, you might want to try wearing a red corset gown. Sure, it is going to be seductive and intimate-looking but the important thing is that you are able to express yourself.. In fact, a red wedding dress is a trend in India and Taiwan. So, do not be surprised when one of these days, you will see models during a bridal fashion show wear red wedding dresses.

Did you know that all of these dresses came from Light in the Box? All of the dresses I pictured above actually retail for under $200 too! Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's Anna Shannon wore a wedding dress that she bought from Light In The Box for only $212. Check out the beautiful picture of her at her wedding!

The episode aired on TLC on Thursday, Aug. 14 and you can see the video below.

I think her dress is gorgeous but the price is even better! There are so many wedding items from Light in the Box so if you're getting married soon, then check out some Light in the Box coupons for even more savings!


  1. Wedding dresses are so pretty. It's silly to pay crazy prices for them!

  2. Wow what a great price. I've never heard of Light in the Box. That's really cool. I just love looking at gorgeous wedding dresses. I still have mine packed in a closet and don't want to get rid of it. I want to wear it again!

  3. I love watching shows where they pick out wedding dresses.

  4. That's why we can use Light in the Box!

  5. I love the gorgeous Red Dress but would never be bold enough to wear something like that.

  6. Wow, $200! What a great deal! I love that there are places where virtually any bride can find something that suits her style for a great deal!

  7. I actually just saw the Honey Boo Boo episode where Anna got married. I absolutely loved her dress; I can't believe it was so cheap!

  8. Jaymes, I don't think I could pull off red at a wedding either!

  9. I'm just coming up on my one year wedding anniversary and remember the feeling I got putting my wedding dress on. BEST FEELING EVER!


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