Fall is in the Air with PS Aeropostale

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I honestly can't believe that fall is coming up so fast! Already in my backyard the trees are starting to lose their leaves. And some of our trees are already turning their colors too! I do have to say that I can't wait for fall since that's my favorite time of year. I am so ready for the heat to pass and for the crisp cool air of autumn to come!

To help us welcome fall, we were able to get Mary a new dress from PS. Aeropostale that can be used for multiple purposes. The Kid's Crochet Skater Dress can be layered easily underneath or on top depending on the season. Plus it goes right to the knees which is respectable and modest.

I really love how Mary is free to move and run in the dress too. It fits perfectly plus there's no tag inside so she's not itching either. The dress itself is very lightweight so she was able to wear it through summer and now into fall with a light sweater. It's the perfect type of dress for a summer day or even a hayride in the fall.



  1. My daughter would love this dress, she is very fashionable. I appreciate that it is to the knees, I think most of the kid's dresses are made too short.

  2. What an adorable dress, and what an adorable girl! It sits really well on her and the color is just perfect.

  3. Pretty dress! Prettier little girl!

  4. Her skater dress is so cute. I purchase myself clothes from them and I love the options they have available.

  5. I used to wear their clothes too Victoria

  6. lovely dress, my 3 year old would love it :)



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