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Ever since we first had Mary, our family has loved sitting down all together and playing games together. Some weeks we will do a puzzle and then some weeks we'll play a board game. It just depends on who wants to pick. But either way, we all love to be together. 

Even though my husband and I work at home and we home-school, that doesn't mean that we all are together all the time. Working at home is just like working in an office in a sense because you still have to make work time away from the family. So usually I am in my office or my husband is in his. So family game night is always special to us.

This past weekend we were able to play a new game called Q's Race to the Top, made by EQtainment. EQtainment helps kids practice emotional intelligence through fun and affordable games, storybooks, and videos which is why we were so interested in Q's Race to the Top. Plus during home-school, we like to teach things other than what's in textbooks and emotional intelligence is one thing that you can't really learn from books alone. Studies have shown that having a high emotional quotient boosts career success, relationship satisfaction, leadership skills, health, humor, and happiness. And that's exactly why we home-school so it just fits perfectly!

When it was time to play, we loaded up the table with some of our favorite snacks including steaming cups on hot apple cider. Since we played on a rainy day, it just helped set the mood! We also had some comfort foods on the table too to much on like waffles. Then we set up the board and started to play!

As we started to play, I was really impressed with the types of questions that were asked on the cards! They really made everyone think, plus we got some funny answers too! And we all had lots of fun with the cards that made us do things like hopping up and down.

Since we home-school, social skills are something that really need to be worked on a lot stronger than with kids that go to school. Since home-schoolers aren't around children on a daily basis, sometimes their social skills aren't as good as other kids. So this game is a great way to get kids thinking and learning about their emotions!

Overall we had a blast on our family night with Q's Race to the Top. It's a wonderful game that has really made us think more about our emotions and how to teach them in our home-school!

Right now Q's Race to the Top is a Kickstarter campaign that is still needing to be funded! Make sure to help back their Kickstarter by September 11th for their game to start being made!

If you want to learn more about Q's Race to the Top, then check out the video below!