The Joys of Motherhood

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Before having Mary, I honestly never thought I would be a mother. I had never babysat a kid before and not having brothers or sisters didn't help much either. I didn't know anything about kids at all and because of that, they scared me! 

It was like this all the way up until I met my husband. After that moment, for some reason something changed inside me instantly and I wanted a daughter. And after we got married, we started trying for Mary. Finally after three months, we got pregnant and I couldn't wait to meet my baby. 

You know, when a baby is born, a mother is too at that moment. When Mary was born, I was completely unconscious due to complications but after I woke up and saw her, I thought she was beautiful. And even though I didn't get to hold her for the first three days, when I finally did, I was scared, nervous and also very happy.

Now every single day is like a precious moment for us. We home-school daily and do everything we always wanted to do with our daughter like field trips and even just playing outside. Being a mom is a wonderful experience to me and that's why I am a member of is a great place to connect with other moms just like you. On the site you can ask questions, find new friends or even try to figure out the gender of your baby if you're pregnant! Even though I'm not pregnant, I checked out the Japanese Birth Chart and it predicted my daughter's, my husband's and my own gender correctly which was too uncanny! 

Other than predicting your baby's gender, you can also share pictures of your kids, get advice if you're having a problem, and even meet new moms. I've actually been a member since Mary was very little because I had a lot of questions about babies! 

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