Helps Kids Learn Their Colors with the Fun with Colors App

Do you have young kids that are just learning their colors? Then the best app for them to play with is Fun with Colors. Fun with Colors is an amazing app where children can experience the world of colors in a whole new way, diving directly into the story, playing with colors and learning how to assign them. In addition, their creativity is encouraged as they can create great pictures themselves.

The app starts off like this: On a rainy day White decides to visit Yellow but he does not know that something exciting awaits him. While searching for Yellow he meets all kinds of colors and it becomes a very colorful story. Fun with Colors introduces children to the world of colors in a loving way that also lets them have fun. It's best for ages 2-5 and even though Mary is one year older than that, she still had fun playing with it. She really liked how fun and interactive it was for young kids.

Fun with Colors has the following features:
  • Various animated scenes, funny sound effects, and exciting interactive options for children 
  • Lovingly drawn illustrations 
  • Read-aloud function included: Sensitive story-telling by native speakers 
  • Intuitive, child-friendly controls 
  • Language options: English, Chinese, Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), German and Turkish.
Currently Fun with Colors is available for $2.99 on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon Appstore.