Starting Our Summer with @ToyState

I am a ToyState Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

I honestly can't believe that an entire month of summer is already gone. Around here since we home-school, summer is really no different than the rest of the year. We still work and do homework throughout the year so summer really flies by and most of the time I don't even realize that other kids are out of school.

But we do try to do a few things in summer that we don't normally do during the year like planning fun day trips or vacations. And sometimes we get a bit of help with making summer fun thanks to amazing toy companies like ToyState.
This month Mary was able to check out the new Rev Up Monsters and Hot Wheels Hyper Racer. Her personal favorite was the Rev Up Monsters and honestly I was caught a few times playing with it myself!

The Rev Up Monsters come in three different styles that look like different dinosaurs. Although they don't require any batteries at all, they still come with a lot of power and fun. I really loved how well that could climb over other cars if you gave them a good push.

The Hot Wheels Hyper Racer makes driving all new. With the push of a button, you can hear the engine kick into ‘Hyper Mode’ and watch as the car body transforms into a completely new color.

Overall this month has been a lot of fun with our new cars to play with. Mary plans on taking them outside soon when it ever stops raining around here! What kinds of games do your kids like to play outside with their toy cars?