Having Fun With New @ToyState Toys

I am a ToyState Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

There's always something special about getting a new box of toys when you're a kid. And for Mary, she gets excited when she gets new car toys! And as a ToyState Ambassador, she gets new toys every two months so it's like her birthday every time she gets the mail.

This month Mary got some new motorized cars from ToyState and she's been having a blast crashing them and racing them around my floors! I think the motorized cars are her favorites because she can control them. She especially loves one with remote controls because she loves to drive them around the bird room. Of course, this doesn't make the birds very happy!

The car that Mary liked the best this month was actually the Road Rippers Skidders Mini Countryman WRC. She really loved that it had lights and fun sounds! Along with the lights and sounds, it's also motorized so we've had fun racing it around on the living room floor. 

So if you want to see your kids happy, if they like cars, they'll love the new toys from ToyState!