Why You Need To Use a Pill Terminator

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

What do you do with your old and expired medicines? Growing up, my parents always just threw them away in the trash and I never thought twice about it. That is, until I learned where all the medicines were going. 

Growing up in South Florida, the running joke is that the only hills and mountains are the dumps. And it's true. South Florida is total flat land and if you see a hill at all, it was most likely a dump at some point. And since South Florida is so heavily populated, after years of expelling all the gases from the land, people are now building communities on old landfills. If that's not gross enough for you, then think about actually making a garden from that soil. And then eating those fruits and veggies. You have no idea what was buried underneath that soil, including the medicines someone might have thrown away and have seeped into the land. How disgusting is that? That's like taking a big bite out of someone's old heart medicine. 

So what's another way people get rid of old medicines. Someone people flush them down the toilet and never think twice. But I hate to tell you, all water, including toilet water, goes through the water treatment plant somewhere in your town. So that means anything that goes down the sink, toilet or shower is getting cleaned and treated to come right back into your home again to use. But when it's treated, it's mostly treated for the hard items that might be in the water like waste, dirt, etc. It's not usually treated for another liquid that is in the water. In other words, medicines that have dissolved into the water system. In a recent ecological study, out of 100  freshwater bodies of water, 80% of them had trace amounts of pharmaceuticals in them. That means that 80% of the waterways are polluted with people's old medicines. So the next time you drink a glass of water, make sure to remember that you're also drinking someone's old medicines too. 

I don't know about you, but this is absolutely disgusting to me. And it's another reason that I only cook and drink with bottled water. Yes that's right. I don't use my faucet water for anything but bathing. I even buy bottled water to cook with. But that's not stopping the problem. If you want to stop this problem, then start disposing of your medicines in the Pill Terminator.

The Pill Terminator is the only safe way to dispose of your medicines without them seeping into the soil or water. If you want to put a stop to this growing problem, then make sure to buy a Pill Terminator. And if you buy from PillTerminator.com, then make sure to enter the code "dalton" into your checkout for 15% off!