Me-ify Potty Star App

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As a mom, watching our kids reach milestones is exciting and thrilling. However, there are a few milestones  out there that are just as much a rite of passage for the parents as the child! And one of them is definitely potty training!

I remember starting to potty train Mary when she was about to turn two. But Mary didn't want anything to do with the toilet at all. Of course you can't force a child so I let her get interested in the toilet on her own time. Mary was didn't start even trying to potty train until she was a little past three. And boy was it a challenge!

Now potty training can be made easy by using Me-ify Potty Star App! Me-ify Potty Star is the all-inclusive potty training tool for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! This comprehensive app features a personalized eBook starring your child, 5 interactive potty games, 5 original potty songs, a reusable star rewards chart and helpful potty training tips.

Developed with parenting expert Julie A. Ross and created by the producers of PBS KIDS preschool television hits, Super Why! and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, this app offers a rich and engaging learning experience that is based on developmentally appropriate potty training techniques.

Here are some of the amazing features of the app:

  • Create a personalized cartoon avatar of your child with 5 skin tones, 4 eye colors, 2 pairs of glasses, 8 boy and 8 girl hairstyles, 8 t-shirts and 8 star freckles to choose from 
  • Choose the potty words you use at home or use the app’s defaults 
  • Add and record your child’s name and age to appear in the story Experience the Me-ify Potty Star eBook: Read and interact with a potty story starring your child, with 8 different themes, memorable music and fun, interactive potty surprises along the way 
  • Practice the potty steps with engaging interactions, including pulling down your diaper, sitting and waiting on the potty, going to the potty, flushing the potty and washing hands 
  • Learn body parts and what they do 
  • See an accident modeled 
  • Graduate from a diaper and choose a special pair of underwear 
  • Dance at a potty party celebration Play Potty Games & Activities: 
  • Over 40 Potty Coloring Pages 
  • Over 35 Potty Puzzles 
  • Potty Matching Game 
  • Potty Target Practice Game 
  • Track Your Child’s Potty Achievements: 
  • Reusable Star Rewards Chart with over 50 stickers 
  • Parent Tips included to help make the app as useful as possible
Overall this is a great app for anyone who has kids that are potty training! Currently it's available on iTunes for $1.99.