Treasuring Family Moments with Lubriderm #FamiliaLubriderm #ad

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In our house, everyday is a family moment. Mostly because my husband and I both work from home and Mary is home-schooled so we are always together. Some families might not be able to be together all the time like us, but this was all we ever truly wanted.

From the time my husband and I met, we were inseparable. We went everywhere together and it stayed that way after we got married. I would even go to work with him when he worked outside the house. And then when we found out we were having Mary, we decided we wanted to home-school.

But even though Mary was home-schooled, my husband still worked outside of the house for years. But not until 2011 did he start working for himself in our house full time. So it was then that we finally got our wish to all be together all day long.

One of the best things about being together everyday is that we can make memories anytime. Like the other day how we took a break from our work and blew bubbles outside. And of course we get to play with Aflac during the day too.

Since it's still winter, when we all go outside now we make sure to use Lubriderm so we can keep ourselves moisturized. Our personal favorite is the new Lubriderm Daily Moisture Shea+ Calming Lavender Jasmine Lotion.

Something we really love about the Lubriderm Daily Moisture Shea+Calming Lavender Jasmine is that it's made with deep nourishing Shea butter and vitamin B5. Plus it's clinically shown to moisturize for 24 hours. So before playing outside, we each take a bit and rub it in!

And healthy skin makes for a very happy family! My husband even uses the Lubriderm 3 in 1 Men's lotion which can be used as a body, face and soothing post-shave lotion. He loves it because the Triple Action Formula moisturizes, improves and soothes his skin.  So that's why we use Lubriderm when we're making family memories.