Never Forget a Password Again with PasswordBox

Have you ever forgotten a password to an account while trying to login? Most sites have different criteria for making passwords so obviously you’re going to have many different passwords all over the internet. But unless you write them all down somewhere, you’re bound to forget some. I personally forget passwords all the time. Mostly because I make mine so hard to figure out, that I forget them too! But remembering passwords can be annoying and hard. And writing them down can be dangerous if they get lost. So what do you do? Use PasswordBox of course!

PasswordBox is a password manager that works on all your apps and computer browsers. Simply save a password to PasswordBox and it is instantly securely saved to your phone, browsers, tablets and computers. Currently it’s available on Android and iOS.

PasswordBox also has new 1-Tap Technology, which takes away the pain of autocorrect and time-consuming typing when trying to remember passwords as well as other important personal login information. And anyone who has ever tried to type a password on a tablet or phone will completely understand why this makes this app awesome!

Even more than a password manager, PasswordBox now includes Wallet for secure storing & management of sensitive information like credit and ID cards, passports, Social Security numbers, store loyalty cards and banking details on the go.

Here are some of the amazing features of PasswordBox:

  • Save time with 1-Tap login to websites 
  • Automatically saves your logins while you browse 
  • Passwords are encrypted with AES-256, the strongest grade of encryption available 
  • Secure SSL protects your data during sync between devices 
  • Create new strong passwords and save them while you browse 
  • Locked with a Master Password that only YOU know 
  • Optional Pin Code Lock for additional security 
  • Secure password sharing and management, for sharing passwords with co-workers or family Instant Login to your accounts using our secure in-app browser 
  • Encrypted Safe Notes for sensitive personal information 
  • Customizable StartPage for accessing your most-visited sites with 1-Tap 
  • 20,000 recognized sites makes it easy to add new accounts to your StartPage 
  • Auto-Lock function to safeguard against theft 

Currently Password Box is available on GooglePlay and iTunes for free!