Nancy Drew The Silent Spy PC Game @HerInteractive

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I've been playing Nancy Drew PC Games for years. Honestly, I've played and beat almost all of them since I was a teenager. And now the newest game just came out in time for the holidays and it's the best so far.

If you've ever read the Nancy Drew books as a child, then you'll know that Nancy was raised by her father who was a lawyer, but we don't ever learn about her mother. All we know is that Nancy's mom died when she was very young. But in this new PC game, we get to learn a whole lot about Nancy's Mom, Kate.

Kate was a spy for a secret organization and she died in a car accident, but Nancy wants to find out if it really was an accident after all.

The Silent Spy has to be the best Nancy Drew PC Game I've ever played by far. Even the music was incredible, like Kate's Theme which I've had to listen to on YouTube over and over again. The entire soundtrack was gorgeous and didn't even sound like video game music. Plus the story line was heart wrenching completely through. I'm twenty five years old and I was tearing up through the game.

I completely applaud HerInteractive for The Silent Spy because the story line felt so real that it was like you were in the game yourself. I sat for days on end playing because I just couldn't stop and when it was all said and done, I knew this was the single best PC game I've ever played, especially for the emotional impact it had on me.

If you haven't played this game before, I highly suggest you do. It was amazing and well worth being played over again once you finish it.