Let Your Kids be a Spelling Super Star

Do your kids love spelling or even need a little help with learning? Then they'll love Spelling Super Star! Spelling Super Star was designed with the idea that spelling can be fun. The focus is on object recognition and spelling. It's a great game for elementary school students, ESL students or anyone that has a love of spelling.

When you push play you get to choose your category and difficulty for that round. Each round is 2 minutes long and you must spell words as fast as you can. For every 10 words that you spell correctly the timer stops and the "Super Star" rocket launches. You are then challenged to grab as many of the falling stars as you can before they disappear. Collecting the falling stars awards bonus points and extra time on the clock.

Since we home-school Mary, this is an app that I let her use during the day because it helps her remember the spelling of a lot of words. And since she's still learning to read, this also helps her with that too!

Currently the app is in iTunes for $0.99 and it's well worth it.