Teaching Mary About Confidence

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This is my sweet and precious little girl; my entire reason for getting up in the morning. I love her so much and when I found out I was having a girl, I vowed to do things differently from my own mom. I think every woman says this when they find out they're pregnant, but I really meant it.

My mom was always harsh on me, especially when she was drinking. She never did anything to help boost my self esteem and even would make fun of me in my teenage years. Because of that reason, we were never close and I even resented having to be around her. I'm not sure why she never tried to make me feel good about myself, but whatever the reason is, I vowed never to do that to my daughter.

I'm obviously not alone in the confidence battle. Did you know that seven out of ten girls don't feel like they measure up somewhere? I certainly know I felt like that, especially in my teenage years. But I don't feel like that anymore. It took many years to finally feel good about myself, and it was mostly because of my husband. He is the one who always boosts me up and also made me see that I'm beautiful without makeup. And that's why I haven't worn any in six years. Before that, I couldn't let anyone see me without makeup because I felt so ugly. But now I think I actually look silly with makeup on because I'm so used to seeing myself without it!

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On Saturday October 5, Dove and Walmart are holding a program nationwide called The Girl's Unstoppable Event. This such an amazing program because it helps bond a mother and daughter together. Plus it will help build confidence. I'm planning on taking my daughter, even though she's six, because it's a great cause and I want her to know right now, that she's beautiful no matter what.

If you want to take your daughter to this event, make sure to find a Walmart near you!