Having Fun Test Driving Toys from @ToyState

I am a Toy State Ambassador and was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

Ever since Mary was born, she's been a rough-houser and a little girl who just loves boy toys. She's much too rough to play with a lot of girl toys and she has no patience for anything complicated. So one of her favorite toys? It would have to be cars, especially ones with remote controls. So you can imagine how happy she was when she got a huge box of them thanks to Toy State!

This first car is called the Maximum Boost and it sure fits the name. This thing takes off! Mary loved playing with it since it has "rocket power!"

This next toy was actually Mary's favorite out of all of them. It was a simple dump truck that could do freewheeling action, but Mary enjoyed playing construction with it!

The Rock and Roller Hot Rod was really fun to play with because it made fun sounds like the engine starting and music playing. Plus the body and window panels lit up when the sounds were playing too.

Just take a look at how fun this one was! I have to admit I was caught playing with it a few times!

The Motor Muscle RC was amazing! Mary had a blast racing it around the house and it really does go fast! I had to try and keep up with it!

The collection is made in classic cars and comes in three different varieties. This one was my personal favorite of all the cars that came!

The last toy we received was the Construct Dough CAT where you can make your own building blocks from the dough they give you. Since Mary is a mess maker, she loved this!

Overall we love all our new toys and you can get them too at Toy State!