Make Taking Vitamins Delicious with Choc-V's

If you have kids at home that love chocolate but hate taking vitamins, then you need to have them try Choc-V's. Mary doesn't really mind taking vitamins, but I won't let her take any that aren't totally natural. And unfortunately, that's almost like finding a needle in a haystack now. Even major brands that are in the grocery stores have high fructose corn syrup in them and other ingredients that I can't even pronounce. And my rule of thumb is, if I can't spell it, then I'm not eating it!

Recently I was asked to check out Choc-V's with Mary and see what she thought of them. When I first got the box, I read the back intently to make sure they really were all natural, which they are! Plus as an added bonus, they are made in Israel and since we're Jewish, that just made us love them even more.

The vitamins themselves are about the size of a gummy bear and look like little bears too. We sampled the white chocolate flavor and as you can see, Mary really loved them! For once, she actually asks if it's time to take her vitamins! And since they're made of chocolate, she has no idea they're really good for her too!

We've been giving Mary one a day for about two weeks now and she has no complaints at all. She loves taking them and I love that they're all natural for her too. Overall I'm really happy that I found a natural vitamin for her that I can trust.

Plus Choc-V's are currently running a new campaign that's called "Everything Is Better With Chocolate, Chocolate Is Better With Vitamins." The campaign introduces a simple way to "chocofy" (add a layer of delicious chocolate) any website and share it with your friends. The chocofier is being launched in celebration of Choc-V's recent re-branding, as well as their mass release in CVS stores across the country. Websites can be chocofied with a white, milk, or dark chocolate flavor. Just check mine out with the milk chocolate flavor!

Pretty cool right? If you want to share with your friends, then go to Choc-V's and chocofy any site!