Sleeping Like a Queen on My Sleep Number DualTemp Layer

About two months ago, I was invited to check out my local Sleep Number store to see how I liked their products. Since I had never had the pleasure of sleeping on a Sleep Number bed, of course I said yes!

My lovely customer service rep was very helpful. First she had me lay down on a Sleep Number bed so I could find my sleep number and she started me off on 100 which was hard as a rock. Then she kept bringing the number down until she saw all the tension was gone in my back. So my Sleep Number ended up being a 35!

Then she had me go try out the DualTemp Layer  which is their newest product. Basically it is a special layer that goes on top of your mattress so you and your partner can sleep either hot or cold. Since I am always very overheated, I knew I would it!

Then the rep was nice enough to let Mary find her sleep number too. Hers was a 30 so it was almost as soft as mine!

The customer service rep then placed an order for my DualTemp Layer and we were told it would be delivered to my house and then will be put together. I honestly was expecting UPS to just drop it off but Sleep Number actually came and put it together for me which was very nice!

This is exactly how it came in the box. It was pretty heavy too! The delivery guys carried it to the bedroom and then began to unpack the box.

Inside the box were two smaller boxes with the fans and remotes to each side. And underneath was my DualTemp Layer. 

The first step was to lay the layer down with the hoses at the top. Then they took out the fans so they could hook them up. 

This is how it looked once they hooked the fans to the bottom of the hoses. Then once that was done, they programmed our remotes so the fans would turn on.

This was the finished product and how it looked before I put sheets on my bed. The point to the layer is to put a sheet on it and then lay down. Then just simply put your comforter or blanket on top of you so it keeps either your cool or hot air in.

So bottom line, how did I like it? At first, I was skeptical honestly. When I first turned it on and lied down, I expected to feel the air, but I didn't. It takes about an hour before you really feel a difference so I suggest turning it on before going to bed. 

The first night I used it though, I was freezing. So I turned the heat on the hottest it would go and got in. About an hour after being in bed, I started to recognizably feel the hot air on my body and then all night long, I was toasty warm. So I have to say that I love the DualTemp Layer! It is the best thing I have ever felt! And plus, it's very thick so it's like having a mattress pad to lay on too. And since I have a mattress pad, a down comforter, and now the DualTemp Layer, I am sleeping like a queen!

Do you and your partner fight over being hot and cold? Do you think the DualTemp Layer would help you?