How To Do a Gatsby Getup Hairdo for Girls

This is a Lunchbox sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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While everyone mostly thinks of what costume to wear, most people don't think of how to do their hair around Halloween. Since Mary has short hair, I wanted to show how to do a very simple Gatsby Getup for girls using Suave products.

First step is to go get the Suave products you need. For the style, all you need is the Suave® Kids Cool Ocean Styling Gel, but it works the best when you wash hair with Suave shampoo has well. I didn't use conditioner on Mary though since it makes her hair a bit greasy with product on it too.

If your daughter doesn't have short hair or no natural waves, then here are your next steps. If your daughter has short and naturally wavy hair, skip on down to step 5!

Step 2: Section the crown into a triangle shape with a defined side part. Make sure to try and part to the side your daughter's hair will naturally go to.

Step 3: Wrap the hair around a curling wand, moving forward, and secure each curl with a pin. You're trying to make a nice natural looking curl like the flappers had back in the 20's.

Step 4: Curl the remainder of the head (no need to pin). Remove hair clips from top and brush hair into a S-wave pattern. 

Now here's where natually wavy haired girls can start! If your hair, like Mary, has a great natural wave to it and it also short, then these are your only steps to follow below.

Step 5: Take a small amount of Suave® Kids Cool Ocean Styling Gel to smooth any flyaways. Flappers had smooth, short wavy hair!

For long hair, gather strands into a low ponytail, twist into a faux bob and pin up.

Step 6: Take out any pins you still have left and add a headband. Most flappers wore big flowers or even feathers in their hair so be creative!

I found this beautiful headband and knew it would love perfect for the finishing touch. As you can see, Mary has straight bangs but her hair has a beautiful natural wave to it so I didn't need to do any steps above other than smoothing away some of her flyaways. 

As you can see, the Suave styling gel really helped keep Mary's hair under control too. Her hair gets wild since it's so wavy so this really helped me work with it.

So how did the finished product come out on Mary? Was this simple enough to do for your daughter?